Free swimming lessons for children EN

Free swimming training program at Premier Pearl 

has many notable attractions. Here are some highlights:

  1. Swimming location: The highest rooftop infinity pool at Premier Pearl Hotel is a beautiful and luxurious space for children to learn swimming. With its elevated position overlooking the cityscape, the pool provides a relaxing and peaceful environment for children during their lessons.
  2. Professional trainers: Premier Pearl has a team of experienced and professional trainers. They provide guidance and close supervision to ensure safety and progress during the learning process.
  3. High safety standards: Premier Pearl adheres to the highest safety standards in organizing free swimming lessons for children. Life jackets, learning materials, and swimming equipment are provided to ensure the safety and confidence of the children.
  4. Effective teaching methods: The free swimming training program at Premier Pearl utilizes effective teaching methods suitable for each level of children’s abilities. Children will be guided from basic skills such as floating and moving in water to more advanced swimming techniques.
  5. Health and development benefits: Learning to swim not only helps children develop swimming skills but also brings many health and overall development benefits. It enhances flexibility, builds strength, and improves concentration abilities.
  6. The free swimming training program at Premier Pearl is a great opportunity for children to develop their swimming skills and enjoy water fun. Reserve your spot today for your child to have an exciting and beneficial experience at Premier Pearl.
  7. Classes will be available when there are more than 5 registered children.

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